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Department of Chemistry Peter Reilly Group

Digital Waveform Stability Diagrams


Sinusoidally driven traps and guides each have a single universal stability diagram. The stability diagrams of digitally driven traps and guides changes whenever the waveform duty cycle changes. Manipulation of the duty cycle is necessary for ion isolation and axial trapping and ejection. Consequently, methods of rapidly generating stability diagrams are needed to illuminate and guide the use of duty cycle based waveform manipulation in mass analysis.

Because of their utility and ease of use and because we hope to facilitate the mainstreaming of digital ion trap and guide technology, these Excel worksheets are freely available to anyone who wishes to download them. They can be used to rapidly and intuitively generate traditional a vs q or user-friendly m/z vs F stability diagrams.

a vs q and mz vs F plots 3D DIT

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.